AmirAli Zinati

AmirAli Zinati


Designing solutions for communication and development has always been fascinating to me. In addition, I am so eager about creation, community weaving, and organizing.

As a Community Relations | Cultivator professional, I thrive on building connections and fostering growth within communities.
My background in architecture and subsequent focus on Communication, Marketing,
and Community Building has equipped me with a unique perspective on how different elements can communicate with each other to create a thriving ecosystem.
I believe in the power of storytelling and have experience teaching and practicing it. I approach any community or business with the lens of how to cultivate a positive, collaborative environment. I am also knowledgeable about process design and following a concept, which helps me work within established guidelines while still pushing boundaries.
My experience in academia includes an online course in Design thinking from the University of Virginia and an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Tehran. I am a lifelong learner, always seeking to challenge myself and try new experiences. I have a passion for creating and organizing, and I am confident in my abilities to build relationships, inspire trust, and influence others in a positive way.
Overall, I see myself as an influential person who can bring people together and facilitate growth and change. I am excited to continue my work as a Community Relations | Cultivator and make a meaningful impact on the communities I serve.

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Strategy combines Art and Science.‌
It is an Act of making.