AmirAli Zinati

AmirAli Zinati


Designing solutions for communication and development has always been fascinating to me. In addition, I am so eager about creation, community weaving, and organizing.
I find Architecture as the first road to discovery.

Architecture taught me process design, creation, and following a concept. In a short pause on this road and analyzing the steps I paced, I found "Communication" the key to increasing my motivation.
I observe any community or business through the lens of "How do their elements communicate with each other?".
After graduating with a Master of Architecture,I focused mainly on Communication, Marketing, and Community Building. In parallel, I have practiced storytelling, taught in university, and tried painting. For my subsequent academic studies, I participated in an online course about Design thinking at the University of Virginia and then studied MBA - Strategic Management at the University of Tehran.

Finally, I am into challenging myself and trying new experiences.
I want to fulfill the goal of being a lifelong learning person and I am hopeful about the future. I know myself as an expert in enjoying the road, not awaiting one for the destination!

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Strategy combines Art and Science.‌
It is an Act of making.